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Vessels seen from Vancouver

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15 vessels listed

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NameMMSIClassFirst SeenLast SeenAlso Seen AtCallsignShip Type
AFTER EIGHT235055089A20-May-2008 01:49:2828-Jul-2012 03:42:25MRZF3Pleasure craft
ALISON NICOLE 1316001731A10-Jan-2009 18:56:5920-Jul-2012 13:26:58CZ 5076Towing and length of the tow exceeds 200m or breadth exceed 25m
ALVSBORG BRIDGE304010914A09-Jun-2009 12:16:1520-Jul-2012 03:23:31ChelmondistonV2AH1Cargo ship No additional information
ANDROMEDA SPIRIT372945000A21-May-2008 21:00:1625-Jul-2012 14:43:403ELH2Cargo ship All ships of this type
APL BELGIUM563776000A28-Mar-2012 21:18:1626-Jul-2012 21:37:149VKQ3Cargo ship All ships of this type
APL HONGKONG636011627A01-Nov-2009 21:00:1705-Jul-2012 05:28:44A8AM6Cargo ship Carrying DG, HS, or MP IMO hazard or pollutant category C
APL IRELAND564510000A23-Sep-2010 05:16:1013-Jul-2012 13:52:039V8988Cargo ship All ships of this type
APL ROTTERDAM477111300A19-Jul-2012 06:47:4620-Jul-2012 01:20:37VREH4Cargo ship Carrying DG, HS, or MP IMO hazard or pollutant category A
AQUALEGEND636015176A05-Jul-2012 13:28:5710-Jul-2012 18:50:16A8ZC5Tanker All ships of this type
AQUALOYALTY636015177A29-Jun-2012 13:26:2529-Jun-2012 16:00:47A8ZC6Tanker All ships of this type
ARCTIC TAGLU316003483A02-Jun-2008 16:47:0525-Jul-2012 04:47:51CY8968Tug
ASIAN EXCELSIOR563856000A10-Jun-2012 17:12:2626-Jun-2012 03:21:519VUICargo ship All ships of this type
ATHENA A636014536A21-Feb-2011 03:03:3116-Jul-2012 17:37:35A8UP7Cargo ship All ships of this type
ATLANTIC SPIRIT357798000A09-May-2009 11:45:2905-Jul-2012 13:31:03Chelmondiston3ELO6Cargo ship No additional information
AVONBORG246865000A03-Jul-2012 03:17:1403-Jul-2012 03:17:14AntwerpPCOFCargo ship All ships of this type

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