QRA JO01OX, WAB TM23, Fists #16909 GQRP #15161 DMR-ID 2342670

Morse Tutor

The code below is for use with the Morse Tutor project published in RadCom - October 2015. To program the PIXACE used in the project with this code you will need to download one of the PICAXE editors found at http://www.picaxe.com - see the "Free Software" button top right. You will also need a programming cable that can be purchaced from http://www.techsupplies.co.uk.

If you don't want to go the trouble of buying the programming cable then I can supply pre-programmed PICAXE chips at a cost of £4.00 each - including P & P. Either send a cheque to the address below or make a PayPal payment to martin@the-wallers.net.

Martin Waller
Olive Cottage,
6, Church Road,

If you have trouble with either mechanism then please contact me on Martin@The-Wallers.net

Errata - The follow errors have been found in the RadCom article.

  1. The transister labelled TIP20 should be labelled TIP120.


  1. If you decide that you will not be wanting to re-program the PICAXE in situ then you can do away with the programming socket and the two resistors 10K and 22K. What will need to do is to ground pin 3 of the PICAXE. This is the Serial-In and if left floating strange things can happen!
  2. You can turn the circuit into a simple Morse oscillator if you wish. This has been done by incorporating a switched 3.5mm mono jack socket. The switch is used to cut off the power from the PICAXE (Pin 14) and to short across the TIP-120.
  3. If you wish to add an earphone socket then this is best done using a switched 3.5mm mono jack socket and configuring it across the speaker.

The circuit diagram is:

The following pages are images of builds from other people...

For the most upto date copy of the code and copies or the article from RadCom please visit GitHub.